Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Little star of're going to make it shine...

It's a very special day today: June 4, 2015.

Our very adorable Audriella was born on this day and today is her 2nd birthday !

Dear Audriella, my littlest shining star....

You have brightened my life and those of many others these past 2 years.
Your big, beautiful eyes rarely miss a thing, as you study and learn about
all the new things in your world.  Amazing is a word that truly describes
you !  You may be the youngest little Murtaugh, but you manage to keep
in with all your bigger Murtaugh/Sonners cousins, and charm your way
into all of our hearts.  You are precious to me, little Audriella and your
light shines so brightly today and all the days to's a privilege
to be your nana/nanny and I can't wait to see all that you do and add to
the world in the years to come !  I love you so much !

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Hearts

I've been trying for days to publish a new post...apparently the set up, etc. has changed or I'm even
more tech challenged then I realized.  Haven't been able to get my pictures uploaded, but will
just write....

HAPPY, Happy hearts today !  Our family is gathering at Camp and we couldn't be more
excited !  I feel as though I can never get enough of our "kids" and their loves .  And best
of all, our little ones will have time to romp and explore together !  Really, this is what
"camp" is all about .

Campfires, creek playing, sparklers and running and playing outside .  Time together, thank
you, thank you, thank you !

Thank you Mel, Jason, Chad and Selena, for making the trip here.  This Papa and Nanny have
HAPPY HAPPY hearts and open arms, waiting for you !

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beautiful blessings and Reasons

It's been such a long time since I've blogged and so many wonderful happenings/blessings have occured and I've wanted to share and document.  I'm sorry that I haven't gotten to this sooner, but I'm still all shiny happiness and want to share !

Our family was so happy to hear the wonderful news, that Chad, Selena and Grayer were expanding their family.  Music to my ears !  Rick and I were told the news, in a very sweet and fun way....We were in Tulsa and were viewing recent family photos they had taken and one of the photos showed Grayer holding a sign saying that he was going to be a big brother !  Months later, while in New Jersey, a pink bouquet arrived telling me , "BABY GIRL" and even more precious...., months later...that this new baby would have my name , "Roxanne", as her middle name !  Tears just "jumped" out of my eyes !  Pure joy ! 

Look at these happy faces !  All went well, and our beautiful Audriella Roxanne arrived safely and immediately won our hearts !

She's so beautiful and is definitely a dream come true !!  Our newest shining star !

Seems impossible to find enough words to perfect she is to us all !

Even big brother, Grayer,  thinks she's pretty special.....  and she ADORES him !  She is constantly entertained by him !

Mommy has a new shopping "buddy" and I can't help but smile thinking of the fun they will have !
Ahhhh, just love her happy little self !  Adorable, adorable, adorable !!

The months have just flown by and our little sweet pea is following the "pillow" tradition of having her picture taken each month for all of us to see.   How wonderful it is to see her growing and changing.

Yes, like I said, I haven't been good about blogging about the important and blessed happenings in our lives but hopefully I will be able to catch up !  This is my latest favorite picture of my favorite little grand-daughter :)  She is definitely shining her light into our lives !!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Brown eyed boy

Christmas brought lots of fun memories this year....

And for all of us, an opportunity to get to know our little Santa better.  Needless to say, he is SO adorable !  He is calm, very observant, so very studious and has a smile that just knocks me out ! He loves watching his big brother Levi and it makes me wonder what he's thinking behind those BIG brown (tootsie roll) eyes ! wyatt Madden loves to snuggle and , hey, who wouldn't love a little guy who just watches, enjoys the scenery and offers you a BIG sweet smile whenever he catches your eye !  One more REASON to feel so very blessed and to have such beautiful adventures ahead to look forward to!  Wyatt, your NaNa Loves you forever and then some !  You are a precious little boy !

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 The year in a life

Grayer, Wyatt and Levi

The year 2012 has come and gone.  Lessons learned, losses and new loves, growing, changing and 
acceptance.  Sadness and pure joy !  It has been an incredibly humbling year for me as I've learned more about LIFE this year then any other that I can remember.  

It's a good feeling to know that we can still continue to learn at any age..... keeps life exciting and challenging.   A long list of things learned could take pages, for now...I want to share a few things that I've learned that will continue to shape me into the person that I will continue to grow into.

My daughter showed me that babies can be born in a peaceful, natural and beautiful way.  I have to admit that I was worried about her choice to have a home, water birth with her 2nd child.  Often, our concerns and fears are born of lack of knowledge, which in this situation was definitely the case for me.  Mel took time to explain the birthing process, introduced me to the incredible midwives, and taught me by her confidence and excitement, that this was a good choice for her and her family, and thus, for me.  The Birth - day arrived and it was an incredible , peaceful and yes BEAUTIFUL way to be born.  An incredible way to start a life on this earth, and our shining star, Wyatt Madden eased into the arms of his mom and dad, brother Levi and into all of our hearts on August 10, 2012.  Thank you Mel, for all of your lessons and for making the brave and perfect choice for your family and most importantly, for your wonderful new son, Wyatt.

September brought new lessons, and challenges for many of Rick's sister, Robbin fell ill.  And as we were to learn shortly, terminally ill.  The "battle" had begun and Robbin said that she felt that she'd be ok as she had "lots left to do in this world"....she fought, she kept busy living her life, by attending her daughters' wedding, and enjoying her friends in Texas.  Soon she was in the hospital, never really to go home again.  Rick was able to be with her, comfort her, care for her and share  time in a loving and supportive way.  Rick was her strength and security as she left for heaven to join her heavenly family and loved ones.  I've learned once again, what an incredible man Rick is, steady, caring and nurturing....and more importantly, he learned that about himself too.  The sadness of loss is still close to the surface for him and we all feel a little off balance by the change her leaving us has brought.  

October brought a big birthday for Levi Andrew as he turned 2 years old and was getting used to having a little brother.  The excitement of everyday things starts each morning for  Levi as he starts each day  with great energy .  He is a "OH WOW" kind of little guy and it's such an affirmation for me when I'm able to be with him.  His curiousity and love of closeness and affection make my heart so happy as he makes me feel needed, important and loved - just as I hope that I make him feel the same !
Sweet baby "G", Grayer, also had a special birthday this summer and I continue to love watching him navigate his way thru his life...we all could learn to take baby steps, tread carefully and keep trying whenever we fall.  Lessons I'm learning from all my little shining stars...Grayer, Levi and Wyatt.  You are all beyond precious to me !  Every day is NEW when I'm with you !

October also brought a challenge....saying Good-bye to a big part of my heart.....our special Gma/gma great, Leota Church was tired, and was ready to try new horizons.  Always ready for what comes next, Gma taught us her final lesson, in leaving this world, peacefully, with acceptance, without fear, and with complete trust in her Lord.  She left this world a better place and she will continue to be a guiding force for all who  knew her.  I will always love her for her words of wisdom, shared lovingly and honestly, for her genuine curiousity and eagerness to learn.  And for her LOVE of FAMILY !  I could cry every day for my sadness, but she would be telling me that "you are going to have a tough life if you can't deal with change".....and of course, I know that she will continue to shine down on all of us, and I will always hear her voice, and advice if I just STOP.....and listen.  I can be proud and very happy, that she's been such a big part of my life. 

Friends have gotten sick this year, and a long time friend suddenly died.....lessons to be learned ...I'm choosing to look at life as the gift that it is; to share and love and LIVE like I never have before.  I'm grateful, and humbled, because I have truly learned that I am so very fortunate to have the life that I have !  

My shining stars will continue to glow and grow and I will continue loving being their Nana/Nahny...forever !

More pictures and updates to follow, but for now...

Happy New Year 2013 - make it the BEST !

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More summer

Our little shining star.....GRAYER ANDREW...... always makes our days special
but this summer, he turned 1 year old !!!
His mommy and daddy had a special party and celebration planned for him !  After all
we're only 1 once !  And GRAYER is definitely someone special to celebrate !!
I can't believe that I don't have pictures...... I've been waiting to post his birthday
happenings, just hoping that I'd find the many pictures that were taken, pictures of 
decorations, preparations , friends and family, more pictures of the birthday boy himself.  I will
just have to promise to post more when/if they appear.  
GRAYERS party was held at the YMCA. There was a swimming pool so everyone could swim, celebrate and have a few snacks.  The theme was GRAYERS' nursery at home. 
Trust me....the decorations were INCREDIBLE !  Little boats with GRAYERS' picture at different
months on the boat sails, served as table centerpieces.  Fish crackers, swedish fish get the idea !  It was a wonderful gathering... 

I LOVE how this little stars' eyes "crinkle" when he belly laughs !!!  Can't help but laugh too !

He can be so focused........and serious at times

He's such a happy boy !

Loves his mommy.....

and his daddy !

He is loved and cherished !  And has added so much to my life !

I've definitely got stars in my eyes !!  Looking forward to many more birthdays and adventures along the way !!  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Starts

So much to look forward to with summer this year....I'm always ready to head to Pennsylvania and 
get summer started !  Memorial Day weekend brings our New Jersey family to camp.  This year we were looking forward to seeing Missy's pregnant belly and day dream about the little life that is growing there !   Missy's family as well as Rick and I , enjoyed some quad riding, hiking, relaxing and floating in the river time !  So fun and a great way to get the summer started !

I just love Levi's little haircut !  He's getting so grown up and older looking... or maybe we're just thinking ahead - knowing that he will look so big once his baby brother/sister arrives later this summer.
I decided to measure and mark Levi and Grayers' height on the wall in the shed.  It will be fun to see how they grow from year to year.

So good to see this busy family relax and enjoy their time at camp.  Levi's little smile is just too cute!
And of course, Missy's belly is adorable too.  We were really looking forward to meeting this new little Sonners/Murtaugh baby!

Not long after Memorial Day weekend, we had plans to drive to Tulsa to be with Chad, Selena and Grayer.  It would be a special trip...first to celebrate a very important date in our family......Grayers' FIRST birthday !!  Such a big day....and lots of fun ahead!  And another part of our trip, was to stop in Omaha, Nebraska to see Grandma (Great Gma...also, Great, Great Gma) Leota.  She turned 98 years old in May and we just wanted to spend some time with her......

So many wonderful happenings this summer...and this is just the beginning !

Grandma was her cute self and it always means so much to us to spend time with her.  She has a great outlook on life and I always feel INCREDIBLE after seeing her !  She definitely adds meaning to my life and I cherish her !!

More summer starts to come !!